Pricing Plan

Choose the option that best fits you...

OK, so maybe we didn’t think of everything. While we try to offer the most popular packages, we know you and your child are individuals. Therefore we offer a Mix and Match option. Maybe you want more than just 1 lesson a week. Perhaps you work part-time and don’t need us everyday. Whatever brings you to this page, let us know. We’ll work with you to make sure you and your child get the service you deserve.

Detailed answers to frequently asked questions can be printed and/or downloaded here.

Reservation Fee : $75 (For New Enrollees only!!!  This is a deposit applied to your account, not an additional charge.  If you're already enrolled, then we know you're for real and no deposit is needed) 

Base Package—How often do you want to come
                     (you only pay for the days you come)

# of days/ week
5th Grade

6th - 8th Grade

Addt’l for Early closing/School's closed

Morning  Time

Full Time

4 - 5

$105/wk or


$100/wk or


Call or Email to Inquire

Part Time

3 or fewer


$5 for ½ day

        $15 for full day


         Call or Email to Inquire

While snow days and school holidays are priced at the same rate as a regular after school day for our full time students, CAMP WEEK PRICING is slightly different.  Camp Weeks are the same as our Summer Camp ($185/wk)  and are designated as weeks when school is out for the entire week. The programs during these times include field trips and special events afforded by the longer time together. They occur during the following weeks:

  • Winter Break: Dec 21st – Jan 1st - (Closed Dec 25th/Jan 1st) - 
  • Spring Break: March 28-April 1
  • Summer : June 17-Sept. 5th



Individual Lessons or Tutorial Services

MUSIC - We have several kids taking music lessons during the afterschool program.  Interested in guitar or piano?  No problem.  Thanks to Roy Meyers our drop in instructor the kids have a great time and continue to develop their skills.  Call about pricing.

TUTORING -  While we make every effort to make sure every child gets their homework done, and understands the lesson, sometimes parents wish to get extra help in a specific subject or skill (organization, study skills, etc).  We can help.  Call about your needs and we'll help build a program that is affordable and useful.

Transportation Home

Have to work late?  Can't make it to an appointment?  We can take care of it for you.  Whether it's just once or twice, or on a regular basis our staff is always available to help get your child where they need be. 

Inner Loop
(any home off Sliding Hill Rd, New Ashcake Rd or Atlee Station Rd)
Outer Loop
(destinations outside inner loop)