Overnight Camping Trip

It's Time for an Adventure....

Lock-ins and sleep-overs are cool, but a night at camp is the bomb!

The Ozone's big Overnight Camping Trip

Tues/Weds  August 7th-8th, 2018

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Camp Albemarle Lodge

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Leave the Ozone:  9 am on Tues Aug 8th

In Betweenclick for detailed agenda and list of things to bring

Maps and Links:
             Tuesday and  Wednesday
                                  Swimming Holes  (courtesy of SwimmingHoles.Org)

Back at the Ozone:  Approx 6pm Weds 9th.

Cost: (Select the choice that best meets your needs)

  --->Just $25/day over the cost of regular camp.  

Includes Lodging, Transportation, Meals on Tues and Weds!  

Best Price is if you are already enrolled in camp for the day. 

Option 1 - Almost Overnight $25
Option 2 - Overnight $50
  plus camp @ $35.00 per day


The Ozone will provide all the food and drink for the trip!

What a way to spend a summer break day!

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