All the Way Home

The base, a lesson and drop-off service...

Now we’ve got you covered. No need to rush out of the office to pick your child up. Take your time getting home, get dinner started (sorry we don’t do that) and get your evening going and leave the transportation logistics up to us. We know how hectic it can be to have to drop everything and race out of the office or juggle multiple kids' practices at different locations. But with our premier service you can relax. We’ll bring your child safely home or to a major sporting event/practice for you.

That’s right. We will even bring your child home at the end of the day. Our drop-off service will deliver your child to your house between 6-7pm (sporting activity drop-off varies. Please contact us to get specifics).

Return trip service is available for the following major subdivisions and homes along the way.

All major sub-divisions west of Rt 301 including: Ashcreek, Fox Head, Kings Charter, Ashcake Station, Beachwood Farms, Milestone (if you’re along Atlee Station Road, Sliding Hill or New Ashcake we’ll go there, other sites will depend upon availability and proximity)

Drop off at sporting activities such as Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Baseball, Basketball at Courthouse Park, Pole Green Park, Washington Henry Elementary, Cool Spring Baptist, and other locations.

Please note: While every effort will be made to provide transportation for all who request it, some destinations may not be available depending upon sufficient number of children being transported to a destination.