One Better...

A chance to get ahead...

We know what you would be doing if you were home with your child after school, and we would do the same thing. Some days would be spent playing, and some days running errands (ok we won’t be doing that). But every so often you’d be giving your child a chance to improve him/herself with a lesson or special activity that he/she enjoys. At the Ozone, we’re the same way. For just a couple of dollars more each week, your child can work on learning a musical instrument, improving his/her study or subject-specific skills with tutoring, taking a martial arts lesson and more...

All lessons will be led by qualified instructors during normal operating times. Contact us for specifics on a particular lesson. If we don’t show something you’re interested in, please call and we can try to line it up (just like you’d do).

Subject-Specific Tutoring

Math, Science, Foreign Language

Music Lessons

Guitar, Piano, Drums, Wind and Brass, Voice

Advanced Skills

Martial Arts, Artistic, Street Dance

Lesson space is limited by instructors and may only be available on specific days of the week. Since these are specialized care givers, The Ozone may not be able to provide all lessons to each person as they desire. But don’t let that scare you away. Let us know your preferences and we’ll make every attempt to make it happen.