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Summer Camp 2014
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<p>Coming Soon Summer Camp 2014.&nbsp; We&#39;re bringing back past programs, as well as adding exciting new stuff.&nbsp; One thing won&#39;t change, kids will have a fun and exciting time in a safe and comfortable environment</p>

It adds up to Fun and Excitement for kids, in a

Safe, Comfortable Environment for peace of mind!

Cuz let's face it, Summer is the best time to be a kid!Kona Ice Visits the Ozone

11 weekly sessions: June 16th–Aug 29th

Full Days  $185/wk  (M-F  7:30 am – 6 pm)  

Mini Camps $99/wk + fees (M-F 8 am - Noon)*

Bring a lunch or Buy a Lunch ($5/day)

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Daily Trips and Lunch


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  ♦  Exciting Outdoor Adventures   ♦  Hanging with Friends
  ♦  Competitive Games   ♦  Cooperative Games
  ♦  Awesome Activities ♦  Field Trips

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Looking for a sport clinic or educational topic
to help your child expand their skills?

Try one of these... 

Monday - Friday 8am - 12pm (drop off early/pickup late np!)
 $99/mini camp (plus fees and materials if applicable)

  Week of

  Camp Session  

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Addtl Costs

(see below for details)

Wk 1  6/16 - 6/20     Lax for Everyone   None
Wk 2  6/23 - 6/27

    Combat Camp

  $75 Fee
Wk 3  6/30 - 7/4    
Wk 4  7/7 - 7/11   $75 Fee
Wk 5  7/14 - 7/18

    Survivor Camp

  $75 Fee

Wk 6  7/21 - 7/25     Flight School   $75 Fee
Wk 7  7/28 - 8/1


    Science Tech Football Training



Wk 8  8/4 - 8/8     Volleyball   None
Wk 9  8/11 - 8/15

    Combat Camp

  $75 Fee
Wk 10  8/18 - 8/22

    Turf Wars

Wk 11  8/26 - 8/30    

And then for something completely different 
Wanna Be a Rock Star Weekly throughout the summer.  Set the meeting times with our instructor and your band members.


More Information About Camp....

Welcome to Camp Ozone!  Each day will be packed with fun, excitement, energy and enthusiasm.  We'll be open at 7:30am if you need to drop your child off early.  We will use the first hour of each day to get the kids moving (you know how hard it is to get a sleepy tweenager going in the morning).  But fear not, once we get going, time will just fly by. 

Full Day Camp

Our days will be packed with excitement from the get-go. Each day will be divided into blocks of activities with kids choosing which ones they would like to participate in. Below is a brief snapshot of the types of experiences your child will enjoy.

Competitive Games
Thousands of games exist where kids play against each other, or as part of a team, trying to defeat their opponents. While many of these may be well-known around the playgrounds, some of them have been invented at the Ozone. We pride ourselves in taking an ordinary game and keeping it fresh and exciting by adding our own twists. But the bottom line is everyone must have fun, or we change things up. Just like playing outside, we encourage and help the kids solve problems in a constructive way and balance play so it’s fair for all.

Cooperative Games (aka team-building activities)
These fun events are characterized by the individual or team trying to beat the problem, not each other, in order to win. Playing and working together are stressed when one is trying to solve King's Ring or playing Crowley Tug of War. As much fun and excitement as a great competitive game, our kids enjoy these games and come away with a better sense of how they and their friends all bring something important to the problem-solving process. Leveraging the strengths of all is the best way to “win” at these games.

Adventurous Outdoor Activities
Onsite: Our site allows us the ability to have fun onsite and outside at the same time. In our own backyard, we'll be able play active games, take aim and shoot bb guns, learn to hit the bulls-eye with a bow and arrow, or take part in a fun game of air soft or paint ball.

Out and About: Having our own transportation really is a bonus for us. While other businesses might gripe about the cost of gas and insurance, we see it as a way to enhance our daily activities and take advantage of our great city. Trips will include canoeing, local swimming holes, hiking, or just drowning a worm fishing with some friends. Have you tried Geo-caching or letter boxing yet? Spend a week with us and you probably will. Many of our days will bring a choice of thrilling trips and activities for the kids.

Daily Excursions
Richmond is filled with great places to check out on a regular basis. Maybe it is Frisbee golf at New Hanover or Bryant Park, perhaps it's time spent exploring Richmond's History downtown, or if golf is your thing a trip to First Tee at Independence Golf Course might be for you. The Ozone campers will definitely get a chance to get out and about on a consistent basis.

Time Hanging with Friends
We realize that an important part of the day for kids in this age group is the social interaction with their friends. At the Ozone we have built our facility to allow just such interaction to take place in a comfortable, safe environment. In our Quiet Zone kids can take advantage of the separate area with real couches, chairs, a computer lab (Facebook is very popular these days) or our large “kitchen table” in the back room. Perhaps they feel like “Chilling” Out in the Chill Zone playing on the Xbox, Wii or an interactive game on the big screen (sorry kids can’t spend more than 45 minutes here). All the way to the placement of our picnic tables in the shady backyard, we have spent a lot of time thinking about the safe, comfortable environment for your kids. We are proud of the fact that many of our purchases have been made with the input from the kids themselves, sometimes going as far as “testing out” the comfort of a chair before we buy it (sorry to all those furniture retailers in Richmond who were kind enough to put up with our massive assault on your stores).


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Mini Camps

Maybe full day care isn’t what you need. Maybe you’d just like to provide a special summer memory by allowing your child the opportunity to participate in an activity he/she really loves. Then the mini-camp might just be what you need. Only 4 hours long, the camps run 5 days a week from 8am – Noon. These camps will focus on a sports or educational theme for the week. At the end of the week your child should have:

a)  had a great time;

b)  made some new friends and

c)  learned something new that will make them better.

Please don't mistake these camps for a high intensity, pressure driven, we’ll-make-you-a-better-player-at-all-costs type of camp setting. The Ozone is known for getting everyone involved by offering non-threatening ways to introduce activities to kids. If you're looking for a sport specific camp to take your kid to the next level, then there are many options available and we'd be happy to let you know which ones we've enjoyed.  If you're looking for a fun, energizing place for your child to make friends, improve on their skills, have the time of their life while learning more about something they like then check us out.  Our staff, local coaches, experts, and older kids will work closely with the kids at a mini-camp to make sure they come away with a really positive experience. 

NOTE: If you're combining one of these with a full day of camp there may be an additional charge for instructor fees and/or materials for the mini-session (some camps require us to hire specialists to run the sessions).  The matrix above shows this information.

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Lax For Everyone
Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in Hanover County. Now that it is a sanctioned sport in the schools, we can make a name for ourselves. Spend some time at our camp learning the basics, improving on weak areas of your game, practicing some of the coolest tips and tricks to surprise your opponent in future games. Paired with staff and players from area High School teams, The Ozone Lacrosse Mini Camp is sure to be fun for everyone.  No pads?, No pockets? No Problem!  This camp is open to both girls and boys. 

Dates - 6/16-6/20
Equipment Needed – kids will need to bring all their lacrosse gear (let us know if you need to borrow equip)
Fees – None



Turf Wars

With a different sport every day, this camp is a smorsgasbord of games and activities that can be played on our artificial turf. Football, Australian Rules football, Mat Ball, Dr. Dodgeball and more will take place each day. Each day will center around a theme (games with balls, running/chasing, games with nets, etc). Unfortunately we’ll run out of week long before we run out of games at the Ozone!

Dates – 8/18 - 8/22
Equipment Needed – Sneakers
Additional Fees – None 






Combat Camp
Do you like Modern Warfare?  How about playing it in real life?  Fanatics, it's time to show us your skills.  Activities include Air Soft, Paintball, Laser Tag, Archery and Munitions (that's riflery talk for a shooting range).  We'll spend our days running and chasing, scheming and planning, capturing without being captured and being all your can be.  The camp will include visits with people who have "been there and done that".  We're talking real soldiers here!   Now answer the call...

Dates/Times -
           Session 1 - 6/23 - 6/27  
           Session 2 - 8/11 - 8/15
Equipment Needed – while not required, we encourage use of your own Airsoft and Paintball guns
Additional Fees – $75 (include admission to parks and ammo) 



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Flight School
So you've always wanted to know how that big airplane can stay up in the air?  How does the pilot get from one place to another without a GPS?  Impress your friends by predicting tomorrow's weather by looking at today's cloud formations.  You get the idea, these are all parts of becoming a pilot!  So learn the physics behind flight, how to navigate or even read weather patterns all sounds like fun, but let's not stop there.  Each day after visiting with Hanover County Airport Instructors, we'll walk back across the street and put it into practice, OZONE STYLE of course.  That means fun games, activities and contests with a chance to win some really cool stuff.  Of course the most exciting prize is probably first flight/front seat in the Discovery Flight on the last day of camp.  We're talking taking off to the wild blue yonder to see what Kings Dominion really looks like.  From the air!  Imagine how that selfie will look on Instagram as you tell your friends how much fun you're having!

Dates – 7/21 - 7/25
Equipment Needed – A sense of adventure and thirst for thrills.
Additional Fees –  $75, which includes the flight!




This is more like a combination of Jeckyll and Hyde meets Mythbusters.  We will set up and perform experiments of science to recreate urban legends, test previous findings and even blow some stuff up (all in a safe and controlled environment).  So if want to see the fun and exciting side of science but you've outgrown some of the kids camps, and don't want to take a course on it in summer school, but still think this stuff is neat, then check us out.  After all, it's all in the name of science.

Dates – 7/28 - 8/1
Equipment Needed – Your curiosity
Additional Fees – None




Survivor Camp

Get dropped off in the middle of nowhere and find your own way out.  Just kidding!  This is our adventure camp.  We'll be spending a day in the water, in the woods, in the air, using ropes, and climbing.  Activities include (but are not limited to) tubing, kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, water skiing!, and of course a gross out eating competition.  Are you brave enough?

Dates/Times - 7/14 - 7/18
Equipment Needed – Sneakers and your sense of adventure!
Additional Fees – $75 (includes entry and equipment for all field trips)




Volleyball Camp
It's such a simple game - bump goes the pass, bip goes the set, BOOOM goes the spike!  Whether you're playing in gym glass, on the beach or just hitting the ball for fun, Volleyball is an activity you can play forever!  Join us as we learn some of the skills, practice some of the drills, but most importantly play, play, play the game.  We have dozens of different versions to keep things fun and exciting.  We have some of the girls from Atlee's State Championship team to help with the skills!  If you don't love the game before the camp starts, we're sure you will when you're through.  

Dates/Times - 8/4-8/8
Equipment Needed – sneakers and a great attitude! (and sunblock for our sand court competition).
Additional Materials Fees – None 




Computer Game Creations
Ever play a computer game and think, "This isn't that challenging. If I was the designer I would..."? Well, here's your chance.  Mrs Malick, from Atlee High School, will be back at it to help design, build and play your very own games. Top it off with a field trip to Electronic Arts to meet with game developers for one of the best  software firms in America. GameMaker 8.0 and (NEW!) Scratch 1.4 with LEGO WeDo kits will be utilized.

Dates – 7/7 - 7/11
Equipment Needed – Just your brain again
Additional Materials Fees – $75 (includes instructor fee, EA field trip, software, manuals and memory stick to take your game)



Rock Star Camp

  • Designed for beginners up to advanced musicians    
  • Put your own group of up to friends together, or we can pair you with other students    
  • Meet once a week on Tues mornings to practice and learn advanced skills (8am - Noon)    
  • You’ll work with Roy Meyers, our resident music teacher for 1 full hour improving, you'll have a chance to practice with your group for an hour, you'll have time to hang out and enjoy the Ozone. 
  • The camp will be here all summer long, and you choose the 8 weeks that work best for you. 

Dates – Tuesdays - work out the specific weeks by your schedule
Equipment Needed – Bring your Instrument (or borrow one of ours) 
Additional Materials Fees – None  

SIgn up for this one must be done over the phone or in person, as there will only be limited space for this camp!


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Make our place your place your child in 5th through 8th grade.  At the OZone, we believe every child has tremendous potential. By helping your tweenagers grow physically through activities, socially through friendships, emotionally through changing times they will mature into outstanding young adults.

Our Mission

To provide fun, excitement, adventure and guidance for middle school-aged children in a safe, comfortable and secure place.

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