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Ok, so I know I'm biased but this article is just one of many I've read over the years....Thinking about the best way to spend your summer, stop--read--do the right thing....


Still not sure?  Check out the book "CAMP" from the library, as it is Michael Eisner's version of how important his Camp Counselor experience was for him.  That's right, Michael Eisner former CEO of Disney chose being a camp counselor as his choice of summer employment!  And Yes, I do have an autographed copy!


Make our place your place your child in 5th through 8th grade.  At the OZone, we believe every child has tremendous potential. By helping your tweenagers grow physically through activities, socially through friendships, emotionally through changing times they will mature into outstanding young adults.

Our Mission

To provide fun, excitement, adventure and guidance for middle school-aged children in a safe, comfortable and secure place.

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