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Summer Camp 2015
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<p>Spring has sprung, clocks have lept forward, It&#39;s got to be time to start thinking about summer right?</p>

Summer Camp 2015

Hundreds of kids can't be wrong....

This is the Best Place for Rising 5th - 8th Graders this Summer


This much fun and excitement takes time to plan properly.....

We're currently under construction but should be ready for signups starting April 1st

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Some things we do know....

          Summer Camp will run 12 weeks from June 15th thru Sept 4th

         You can sign up for all summer, just a week or a day here or there....We're flexible.

          Cost for full day is still $185/wk

  • But you only pay for the day's you're there,
  • Daily trips are included (no hidden costs, click here to see what we did last year),
  • The t-shirt is free (for those who sign up by June 1st),
  • Fun and Excitement is Guarenteed!
  • Safety and Comfort is also included!

         We're still planning

  • Our weekly mini-camps (half day, focused camps on special skills, crafts or subjects)
  • Those really big field trips that everyone loves (last year we did....),
  • Extra cool surprises to make the summer that much more remarkable...
  • How we're going to contain our excitement until school is out...








Make our place your place your child in 5th through 8th grade.  At the OZone, we believe every child has tremendous potential. By helping your tweenagers grow physically through activities, socially through friendships, emotionally through changing times they will mature into outstanding young adults.

Our Mission

To provide fun, excitement, adventure and guidance for middle school-aged children in a safe, comfortable and secure place.

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